"Deeper, Faster, Longer ... Nothing Does It Like An American. American Diamond Blades"

Thank You For Insisting On Only Using & Only Buying American Made Products & Supporting American Family Owned Businesses! In Appreciation As A Supplier For United States Military, American Diamond Blades’ #1 Mission Has Been To Not Only Help Our Troops Rebuild Infrastructure Overseas But Also To Help Our Troops Rebuild Their Lives When They Get Back Home By Donating A Portion Of All Of Our Profits To Charities That Provide Our Vets With A Brand New House, That They Will Own Outright & Can Build A Family In If They Choose To. That Is The Least That They Deserve & We Are Honored To Help. American Is Not Only In Our Name But It’s Also In Our Blood. American Diamond Blades.

American Diamond Blades is the leading supplier of quality, American made, diamond embedded tools, designed for cutting, grinding and polishing any aggregate composite material such as asphalt, pavers, brick, block, tile, reinforced green or cured concrete, natural or man made stone and much more. We work hard to bring you the latest technology in the industry, highest quality diamond tools and machines available to give you a competitive edge so you can dominate your niche of the construction industry. Our quality standards produce higher quality diamond tools that can be safely run at higher operating speeds than most which means faster cutting and the greater concentration of quality diamonds coupled with proprietary metal recipes means that our tools last longer and get the job done quicker, reducing operator costs and ultimately reducing overhead costs.