Thank you for insisting on buying American-made products & supporting American family-owned businesses.

American Diamond Blades sells only American-made, diamond-embedded abrasive tools, designed for grinding, cutting, and polishing. We sell both stock and custom-made diamond saw blades, diamond core bits, diamond cup wheels, diamond polishing pads, diamond wires, and diamond chains.

Operation: Give Back to Support Our Troops and Their Families

American Diamond Blades is proud to help our troops rebuild their lives when they return home by donating a portion of every sale to charities that provide US Veterans with debt-free homes that they and their families will own outright without any cost to them. That is the least that they deserve and we are honored to just be able to be a part of it. Because American is not just in our name, it’s in our BLOOD! Oorah! Get some! American Diamond Blades.

“Deeper, Faster, Longer… No One Does It Like An American. American Diamond Blades!”

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American Diamond Blades