Superman Firefighter Rescue Blade


The American-made Superman Firefighter Rescue Blade is the most advanced firefighter rescue and demolition blade ever made. Cuts metal doors, hardwood, asphalt shingle roofs, brick, block, and almost anything else you can put in front of it. In tests, the Superman Firefighter Rescue Blade cut 67% faster and lasted 39% longer than other electroplated and vacuum-brazed diamond segmented rescue blades and has outlasted over 150x abrasive blades to one Superman Firefighter Rescue Blade. It features our proprietary cobalt alloy-steel composite double-tensioned heat-dissipating cores and GE® Superabrasive® diamonds to improve cutting speed and blade life. They are perfect for the military, fire departments, police departments, and other municipalities. They are designed for cutting wet or dry. Available with a 1-inch arbor with a 20mm adapter so it can be used on a variety of handheld cut-off saws (up to 16″). Also available with just a 20mm arbor to be used on only a STIHL cut-off saw.

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12" x .125 x 1" arbor with 20mm adapter, 12" x .125" x 20mm arbor, 14" x .125 x 1" arbor with 20mm adapter, 14" x .125" x 20mm arbor, 16" x .125 x 1" arbor with 20mm adapter, 16" x .125" x 20mm arbor


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