Super General Purpose Supreme Series Diamond Blade
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The American-made Super General Purpose Supreme Series Diamond Blade is laser welded and specially designed to cut everything with just one diamond blade. Its laser welded segmented rim has specially bonded alternating drop segments to help prevent undercutting and potential segment loss while allowing them to cut everything under the sun, from soft abrasive green concrete, asphalt, lightweight block, sandstone, to hard non-abrasive high PSI brick pavers, reinforced concrete and more. It features our proprietary cobalt alloy-steel composite double-tensioned heat-dissipating cores and GE® Superabrasive® diamonds to improve cutting speed and blade life. They are perfect for specialty construction and building projects saving overhead costs because the operator does not have to change the diamond blade out when cutting a different application. They are designed for cutting wet or dry. Available with a 1-inch arbor with a 20mm adapter so it can be used on a variety of handheld cut-off saws (up to 18″) or walk-behind saws up to 35 HP. Also available with just a 20mm arbor to be used on only a STIHL cut-off saw.

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12" x .125" x 1" arbor with 20mm adaptor, 12" x .125" x 20mm arbor, 14" x .125" x 1" arbor with 20mm adaptor, 14" x .125" x 20mm arbor, 16" x .125" x 1" arbor with 20mm adaptor, 16" x .125" x 20mm arbor

7 reviews for Super General Purpose Supreme Series Diamond Blade

  1. John Preston – Preston Plumbing and Rooter

    Cut Asphalt in a parking lot today work great haven’t used it for concrete yet but it seems like a very good quality blade just bought another one I need to have a spare.

  2. Ted Bowman – B&M Concrete

    Cut a total of 24 feet in a concrete floor, and it was still cutting great at the end. I constantly sprayed water to the blade stopping every 6inches to scrap away the slurry. It went surprisingly fast, cutting about 9-12inches a minute. My Skill saw wanted to drift to the right, it took some muscle to keep it on track.. But I don’t think it was related to the blade.
    Good blade at a reasonable price.

  3. Michael Richards – Richards Contractors

    I purchased this diamond blade because of the positive reviews on it and the price is spot on for a quality blade. I have put this blade through the test it has held up to its name. I have cut hard concrete, rebar and 3/16″ steel edge metal! This blade is still cutting through concrete. I am very satisfied with this blade it holds up to Husqvarna high end blades and yes I have bought several of them. If you are a concrete contractor I highly recommend you give this diamond blade a shot.

  4. Wes Robinson – Robinson and Sons Contracting

    We have been using American Diamond Blades for about 7 years now and we have always had excellent customer service anytime that we needed anything. Granted their diamond blades are more expensive than some of the blades we have used in the past but when you factor in lifetime of the blade into the cost then there is no comparison. These blades outlast the cheap Chinese crap blades 5 to 1. Plus once we had one of those Chinese blades explode on us and throw a segment sending one of my guys to the hospital. And with OSHA’s new guide lines on safety and the fines they are giving out, you would be a fool to mess with anything other than an American made product.

  5. Robert DeRosa – Extreme Landscape Construction

    We have been installing high PSI pavers for over 30 years and we have used many different diamond blades in the past and none have ever given us both a fast cut and a long life. Usually you are sacrificing one for the other. I don’t know if it’s the steel core that they get from Pittsburgh or the diamonds or what but we have been very impressed. These might be more expensive than what we used in the past but when we calculate the life of each blade not to mention on bigger jobs, the faster cut means less man hours, then in the end these diamond blades end up costing us a lot less than the cheaper ones we used to use.

  6. Matt Shorr – Progressive Masonry

    I needed a good blade to cut concrete blocks for a retaining wall I was building. The blade fit my Dewalt DWS780 miter saw (I used the adapter ring on the original stock Dewalt blade for this blade) and it worked perfectly. This blade cut 4x6x12″ blocks like butter, and some of the cuts I made needed to be very precise. I was even able to shave off wafer-thin slices when I needed to, and chipping was minimal to non-existent. I cut at least a dozen blocks without slowing down. I would buy this again and recommend it to anyone wanting to cut concrete.

  7. Luke Behr – Modern Edge Contracting

    I received the Super General Purpose Supreme Series Diamond Blade recently. I got a chance to try it out today. I decided to cut a red brick into pieces. The blade worked like a charm. I cut through the brick with such easy. I was really happy how nice it cut, a clean cut making short work of the job. If you every want to cut brick this blade is great. I’m sure it will go through concrete just as easy, great blade.

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