Cured Concrete Xtreme Supreme Series Diamond Blade
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The American-made Cured Concrete Xtreme Supreme Series diamond blade has a laser-welded segmented-turbo rim which is specially designed to cut reinforced cured concrete with rebar or wire mesh like butter. It gives you the fast cut of a continuous rim turbo blade but because of the segments, it runs cool just like a standard segmented blade. It features our proprietary cobalt alloy-steel composite double-tensioned heat-dissipating cores and GE® Superabrasive® diamonds to improve cutting speed and blade life. They are perfect for new concrete building projects, for repairing or laying new concrete driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, foundations, and more. They are designed for cutting wet or dry. Available with a 1-inch arbor with a 20mm adapter so it can be used on a variety of handheld cut-off saws (up to 18″) or walk-behind saws up to 35 HP. Also available with just a 20mm arbor to be used on only a STIHL cut-off saw.

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12" x .125" x 1" arbor with 20mm adapter, 12" x .125" x 20mm arbor, 14" x .125" x 1" arbor with 20mm adapter, 14" x .125" x 20mm arbor, 16" x .125" x 1" arbor with 20mm adapter, 16" x .125" x 20mm arbor

12 reviews for Cured Concrete Xtreme Supreme Series Diamond Blade

  1. Mike Hogan – Premier Hardscapes

    Bought this blade for my 14″ miter saw to cut paver bricks. The dry cuts were easy and clean. The quality of this blade seems very good plus I like that it is made in the USA!

  2. Dan Miller -Miller Landscapes

    Easy install works like a charm. Dry or wet. Wet is preferred as this dramatically increases blade life. I used it in a basic chop saw and a compound mirer saw . Cuts pavers and bricks fast and as accurate as the quality of saw used. I used a basic garden hose to add water to my cuts and it cut smooth with no chipout. I cut a couple hundred blocks and it only shows a little bit of wear. Great value.

  3. Gary Schultz – Tropical Pool Design and Construction

    Perfect blade. Runs true and straight with no issues. I bought this blade to cut into my concrete step stones for the pool. It works amazingly. It cuts like a knife through butter!!!

  4. Duke Butler – Tuscan Builders

    I bought this item last summer. Have used it a few times. No complaints. It cuts the concrete as it is supposed to. I like buying American every chance I get when the price is right.

  5. Jimmy Vasquez – Apex General Contractors

    Exactly what i expected. Cuts flagstone without any issues and fit the revolution electric concrete saw

  6. Rick Morales -Novo Construction

    Great diamond blades! Cut through concrete very easily and smoothly. And last a lot longer than the cheap ones from a certain online retailer.

  7. Erik Johnson – Elite Hardscapes

    This company obviously cares to make good, solid product. The blade is a little thicker than any other one I have ever seen and is holding up very well. I think it is better than anything MK puts out.

  8. Guy Aaronson – Speedy Masonry

    I was able to easily cut through cinder block and the mortar between. It is a messy job but the blade worked really well. It still has a lot of life in it.

  9. Bob Ahern – Excel General Contractors

    I use this blade all the time for stucco and block. Excellent performance.

  10. Justin Tower – Green Solutions

    Work great on Rockwall very happy with the product held up very well

  11. Steve Romano – Level Masonry

    The blades ripped right through at least 10,000 bricks and it barely looks used. Definitely the right tool for the job. Fit perfectly on my 12″ Dewalt compound miter saw using a 1″ arbor adapter. No learning experiences at all. Easy and awesome tool.

  12. Jim Christianson – Precision Concrete

    I was so surprised by how quickly and easily this saw blade cut the reinforced concrete. Normally with the rebar that we go up against the blades tend to glaze up and cut super slow but not this blade. Super happy. We will be buying again.

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