Asphalt Supreme Series Diamond Blade
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The American-made Asphalt Supreme Series Diamond Blade is laser welded and specially designed to cut through abrasive asphalt applications but will also work well-cutting freshly poured green concrete, lightweight block, sandstone, and other soft abrasive materials. Its laser welded segmented rim has alternating angled drop-segments to prevent undercutting and potential segment loss. It features our proprietary cobalt alloy-steel composite double-tensioned heat-dissipating cores and GE® Superabrasive® diamonds to improve cutting speed and blade life. They are perfect for new asphalt projects, and for repairing asphalt driveways and parking lots. They are designed for cutting wet or dry. Available with a 1-inch arbor with a 20mm adapter so it can be used on a variety of handheld cut-off saws (up to 18″) or walk-behind saws up to 35 HP. Also available with just a 20mm arbor to be used on only a STIHL cut-off saw.

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12" x .125 x 1" arbor with 20mm adapter, 12" x .125 x 20mm arbor, 14" x .125 x 1" arbor with 20mm adapter, 14" x .125 x 20mm arbor, 16" x .125 x 1" arbor with 20mm adapter, 16" x .125 x 20mm arbor

5 reviews for Asphalt Supreme Series Diamond Blade

  1. Earl McNally – M and T Asphalt Paving

    We are not the type of contractor that uses a lot of diamond blades, we probably use maybe 5 diamond blades per month. But with this asphalt blade that we got in January from American Diamond Blades,one would last us all month and then some. I don’t know what the difference is in how they make the blade or what but them dang things last. They got my vote.

  2. Gary McCarthy – GM Stonework LLC

    I’ve been a commercial masonry contractor for 30 years and have purchased hundreds of diamond blades. I saw the good price on these blades (and American made) so I purchased a few to try out. I have to say that they are really good blades – they cut fast and are long lasting. I will be buying more of these blades in the near future.

  3. Shirley Adams – Adams Construction

    I bought this blade for my husband’s birthday. He has a couple projects planned for our front and back yard. I wasn’t sure what blade would be best, but the gentleman I spoke with on the phone could not have explained everything better! My husband is pleased and so am I. Thank you American Diamond Blades!

  4. Dan Cardona -Crown Paving

    Well worth the money! I was tired of throwing money out the window with the chinese garbage, so these maybe more money upfront but they definetely last a hell of a lot longer. My guys are happy to be working with quality blades again.

  5. Manny Dunn – All Dunn Paving

    Price wise you can find blades for less, but nothing close to the quality of this blade. I’d rather pay a little more knowing I am getting a good reliable blade. 100 % recommend.

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