American Diamond Blades Superman Rescue Diamond Blade

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The last thing a fire‑and‑rescue squad wants to worry about is whether their tools will perform in an emergency. An operator can’t be sure what might need to be cut, but he’ll be confident and ready for anything with the unique design of the American Diamond Blades’ Superman Rescue Diamond Blade.

Abrasive blades won’t last long enough and the downtime for change‑over is critically wasted. Other conventional diamond blades may cut fast in the beginning, but then lose cutting speed as they wear, or they simply cannot perform in a variety of materials.

The American Diamond Blades’ Superman Rescue Diamond Blade will cut aggressively from start to finish. The low‑spark design allows exceptional cutting performance in virtually any material, concrete, stone, brick, steel, piping, plating, rubber, plywood, acrylic‑board, polyvinyl, plastic, and much more.

The specially tempered thicker core provides maximum durability for a stable, smooth cut. Combine that with a new diamond bonding system that allows the full blade to be completely used, as opposed to standard blades that depend on controlled erosion for fast‑cutting performance, and you have increased product life.

Contrary to the conventional metal‑bond diamond blade, the placement of layered diamond patterns on the American Diamond Blades’ Superman Rescue Diamond Blade means the blade runs in either direction, eliminating concern for how the blade is mounted to the cut‑off saw, and saving even more time.

We’ve even thought about heat buildup. Heat is a diamond’s worst enemy, and in a fire rescue, cutting hot materials doesn’t help the situation. The geometric channeling pattern of the Norton Rescue Runner dissipates heat by directing material’s warmth and airflow over the outer edge of the blade, improving blade life and performance when it is needed the most.

The proven performance of this blade abounds found in many testimonials we’ve received, from all types of operators in various emergency situations. When seconds count, put your hands on the American Diamond Blades’ Superman Rescue Diamond Blade, every time.

Fast enough to get you on and off the job. Tough enough to last.