About American Diamond Blades

American Diamond Blades Corp is the leading supplier of American-made, diamond embedded tools, designed for grinding, cutting, and polishing any hard materials such as ductile iron, brick, block, pavers, tile, porcelain, asphalt, overlay, stone, cured concrete, or green concrete, and more. We offer stock and custom-made diamond saw blades, diamond core bits, diamond cup wheels, diamond polishing pads, diamond wires, diamond chains, and more. We also offer the highest quality hand-held saws, walk-behind saws, cut-off saws, table saws, core drills, floor polishers, grinders, and more.

American Diamond Blades had a modest beginning, in Pittsburgh PA, as a side business to help supplement the family masonry business as well as friends and local contractors with a reliable source for quality American-made diamond embedded grinding and cutting tools. The increase of cheap imports made with low-grade materials and sub-par manufacturing standards flooded the market with diamond blades that seemed to be lower costing at first but ended up costing more in the long run due to premature segment burnout, warping and, God forbid, operator injury due to flying segments and cores fracturing and “exploding”. American Diamond Blades has grown into the industry leader and the standard to be measured not only in quality and customer service but also in community endowments.

We implement the latest technologies to manufacture the highest quality diamond tools to give you a competitive edge so you can increase profit margins and dominate your niche in the construction industry. Our quality standards produce higher quality diamond tools that can be safely run at higher operating speeds than most and a greater concentration of quality diamonds coupled with our proprietary metal matrix composites means that our tools last longer and get the job done quicker, reducing operator costs and ultimately reducing overhead costs.

We stand behind our diamond blades and core bits with an industry-unmatched Lifetime Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

“Deeper, Faster, Longer… No One Does It Like An American. American Diamond Blades”


American Diamond Blades Helps the US Military to Rebuild Infrastructure Overseas and Helps Troops Rebuild Their Lives When They Return Home

American Diamond Blades is proud to be a leading supplier for the US Military. We supply our troops with quality American-made diamond-imbedded abrasive tools to help rebuild infrastructure at home and overseas. More importantly, we also help our troops rebuild their lives when they return home by donating a portion of every sale to charities that provide US Veterans with debt-free homes that they and their families will own outright without any cost to them. That is the least that they deserve & we are honored to just be able to be a part of it. Because American is not only in our name, it’s in our blood. American Diamond Blades.

"After a couple of our men got hurt by a piece of the blade breaking off from some of the cheap import diamond blades that we used to use, we decided to spend a little more money upfront and start buying quality American-made diamond blades. I have got to admit that even though these are twice the price we were paying for the import diamond blades, we are getting 4 to 5 times the blade life from the American-made diamond blades. So, in the end we are not only saving money, but I can sleep well at night know that my men are safe."
Robert Blacksmith
Joe O'Conner
Southern Asphalt & Paving
dangerous broken segments from cheap import diamond blades

Shipping, Returns and Refund Policy: We work hard and strive for our customer’s complete satisfaction. That is why our diamond-embedded abrasive tools are backed by an industry unmatched Limited Lifetime Warranty. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase with any of our American-made diamond embedded tools, you can return the diamond product in any condition and get a complete refund within 30 days of the original purchase or any time after 30 days we will either exchange the product or give you 100% store credit. Saws, core drills, floor polishers or any other machine acquired through American Diamond Blades Corp comes with a 30-day refund guarantee and any time after the 30 days you can request an exchange from the manufacturer if you have registered the machine through the manufacturer. Any machine you return must un-used and be in the same condition you received it along with the original packaging. For all products, please keep the original receipt for proof of purchase. For more detailed information, please read our Returns and Refunds Policy (Opens in a new window) and our Shipping and Delivery Policy (Opens a new window).